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Trusts and Estates
Course Number: 20096-01 Langbein 4 Units
CRN: 10188
Trusts and Estates (20096). 4 units. An introductory course treating the various means of gratuitous transfer of wealth by will, by lifetime transfers, and by intestacy: (1) the policy bases of inheritance and the changing patterns of intergenerational wealth transfer; (2) probate administration and procedure; (3) guardianship and custodial regimes for minors and for the infirm; (4) health-care decisionmaking and the "right to die"; (5) intestate succession; (6) the common will substitutes: gift, joint account, joint tenancy, life insurance, pension account, revocable trust; (7) spousal protection and community property; (8) the growing federal interference, especially ERISA preemption; (9) capacity problems and will contests; (10) the requirements for executing and revoking wills; (11) distinctive constructional doctrines of the law of gratuitous transfers; (12) the creation and termination of trusts; (13) the duties of trustees, executors, and other fiduciaries; (14) trust investment law; (15) charitable trusts and charitable corporations; and (16) basic features of federal and state transfer and inheritance taxation. Throughout the course the relevant portions of the Uniform Probate Code, the Uniform Trust Code, and the Restatements (Third) of Trusts and Property will be studied. Scheduled examination (web). J.H. Langbein.

Meeting Times:
MWF 10:40a-12:00p SLB-128
Enrollment: General
Paper/Exam Requirement: Exam Given
Exam Information:
Type: Scheduled Exam
Date: 1/15/2013
Time: 9 am
Duration: 3.5 h
Room: 128
Open/Closed: O
Other Information: Scheduled Examination: ExamWeb: You must take this exam on the scheduled date, at the scheduled time, either in the assigned room or through YLS ExamWeb.
Use your exam ID.

You may use the "search" (control-F) function of your computer in consulting your notes during the exam.
Bar Examination Information:
Specific graduation requirements: None

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