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Local Government in Action
Course Number: 21547-01 Gerken / Grogg 1 Units
CRN: 20158
Local Government in Action: Workshop on Affirmative Litigation in the City of San Francisco (21547). 1 unit, with the option of additional units. This course will introduce students to local government lawyering. Working directly with attorneys from the Affirmative Litigation Task Force in the San Francisco City Attorney's Office, students will have an opportunity to brainstorm about potential projects, research the most promising ideas for lawsuits, assist in filing a case, or help litigate one already underway. The course will address both theoretical issues (What roles should cities play in our democracy? Can cities further the public interest through litigation?) and practical ones (city-state relations, standing issues). The first part of the course will acquaint students with broader legal and policy issues associated with affirmative litigation. The students will then break into independent working groups organized by subject area (the working groups will be designed to accommodate student interests and preferences). Each working group will either develop and propose a potential lawsuit, or assist in one of the City's ongoing affirmative litigation cases. Permission of the instructors required. H. Gerken and A. Grogg.

Course Selection: If you would like to enroll, please send one paragraph on why you are interested in local government work as well as your resume to Adam Grogg (adam.grogg@yale.edu) by December 12, 2012, 4:30 p.m.

Note: Students may not be enrolled in an LSO clinic and any of the following non-LSO clinics in the same semester, whether as a student director, fieldwork only returning student, continuing student, or otherwise: Education Adequacy Project; Prosecution Externship; SFALP (New Haven Corp Counsel section only).
Meeting Times:
W 6:30p-8:20p SLB-124
Enrollment: Permission of Instructor
Paper/Exam Requirement:
Exam Information:
Other Information:
Bar Examination Information:
Specific graduation requirements: None

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