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Book of Job and Injustice
Course Number: 21123-01 Burt / Ponet 3 Units
CRN: 20121
[The] Book of Job and Injustice: Seminar (21123). 3 units. The Book of Job is a template for thinking about the unjustifiable sufferings inflicted during this past destructive century. The Nazi Holocaust, for example, provokes the same questions that Job posed: "Where was God that this was permitted to occur?" "What justice is there in the universe that this could occur?" "In the face of this occurrence, how, if at all, can belief in the ideal of justice based on faith in the goodness of the universe be rekindled?" The seminar will consider such questions in three principal ways: by a close study of the perspectives offered in the Book of Job; by a comparison of the conceptions of justice and the possibility of its vindication treated elsewhere in the Bible; and by exploration of the ways that secular institutions have tried to assert norms of justice in response to such shattering events. Paper required. Enrollment limited to twenty. R.A. Burt and J.E. Ponet.
Meeting Times:
W 10:10a-12:00p SLB-112
Enrollment: Limited
Paper/Exam Requirement: Paper Required
Exam Information:
Other Information:
Bar Examination Information:
Specific graduation requirements: None

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