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Communications Law
Course Number: 21548-01 Crawford 2-3 Units
CRN: 23099
Communications Law (21548). 2 units. This overview course will address selected issues in broadcast, telephony, and cable regulation. Topics will include broadcasters' "public trustee" obligations, the digital television transition, cable must-carry rules, and application of telephony-based rules to the Internet. There will be almost-weekly one-page writing assignments and a three-hour exam. Self-scheduled examination or paper option. S. P. Crawford.
Meeting Times:
T 2:10p-4:00p SLB-108
Enrollment: General
Paper/Exam Requirement: Paper Option
Exam Information:
Type: Self Scheduled
Duration: 3
Open/Closed: O
Other Information: Exams will be graded anonymously (use exam ID).

Exam can be taken anytime during the exam period via YLS ExamWeb.
Bar Examination Information:
Specific graduation requirements: None

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