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Internet Law
Course Number: 21422-01 Crawford 3-4 Units
CRN: 23098
Internet Law (21422). 3 units. The digital world presents a host of novel legal questions. This overview course will explore specific problems that arise in the context of applying law to cyberspace in areas such as intellectual property, jurisdiction, privacy, and content control. Students with familiarity with the Internet and its resources or with backgrounds in some of the substantive fields explored in this course are especially welcome, but there are no formal prerequisites. There will be almost-weekly one-page writing assignments and a three-hour exam. Self-scheduled examination or paper option. S. P. Crawford.
Meeting Times:
TTh 9:45a-11:00a SLB-122
Enrollment: General
Paper/Exam Requirement: Paper Option
Exam Information:
Type: Self Scheduled
Duration: 3
Open/Closed: O
Other Information: Exams will be graded anonymously (use exam ID).

Exams can be taken anytime during the exam period via YLS ExamWeb.
Bar Examination Information:
Specific graduation requirements: None

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